Mechanical Works within the Healthcare Sector

“ICE Ltd specialises in mechanical works within the healthcare sector for refurbishment and replacement schemes for MRIs, CTs, X-Rays, Cath Labs and Fluoroscopies.”

Mechanical Works within the Healthcare Sector

Below are some of the works ICE specialise in within the healthcare sector, these can be carried out as individual projects or as part of a turn key mechanical package.

Process Cooling to MRI Scanners

ICE Ltd can design, supply and install process cooling to critical MRI equipment, such as the cryocooler and heat exchangers. We can provide the full turnkey package, including supply of MRI grade chillers with non-ferrous heat exchangers, design and installation of chilled water pipework, auto changeover panels and mains water backup systems.

Queen Mary Hospital in Kent had the requirement for a new MRI facility to provide high quality scans to the local area. ICE were instructed by the main contractor to undertake the mechanical works on the new facility.


Air Conditioning and Ventilation Works

From air conditioning to Examination Rooms, Control Rooms and Equipment Rooms to specialised ventilation for healthcare buildings, and complying with HTM03-01, ICE can undertake these works as part of our mechanical package.

Sanitaryware and Water Testing

As part of our scope of works, we can supply and install hot and cold water services and medical grade sanitaryware, as well as water sampling/testing before and after the works.

Helium Quench Pipes

MRI scanners are cooled with liquid helium, which turns to gas and expands rapidly above minus 260°C. A quench pipe is needed to ensure that in the unlikely event of the helium turning to gas, it would be safely dispersed away from the building. ICE Ltd can design, manufacture and install Helium Quench Pipes for MRI scanners.

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Emergency Extraction and Oxygen Monitoring Systems

As part of our works, ICE Ltd can supply and install an oxygen monitoring system so that in the unlikely event of a helium leak within the Examination Room, an emergency extraction fan is triggered along with an alarm to ensure oxygen levels are maintained at a safe level.

BMS and Controls

ICE Ltd can undertake all BMS and controls works relating to the mechanical package to ensure that all controls, alarms and alerts are overviewed in one system.