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Warehouse Air Conditioning

Warehouse Air Conditioning

“Maintaining the environmental conditions such as temperature, ventilation and humidity for warehouses is vital for both stored product and staff working within the buildings”

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Large central warehouses are becoming increasingly common due to a shift in supply chain models and accelerated e-commerce growth. Warehouses are vital to any company that relies on the distribution of a product from one location to another.

Maintaining warehouse temperature is complicated and costly due to large volumes of space and solar gain through roof lights and open points such as loading bays, Maintaining the environmental conditions and adequate ventilation is vital.

What options are there for Warehouse Air Conditioning?

Evaporative Cooling

coolers take warm, dry air from outside and cool it through water-soaked pads.  Fans then push the cool air through supply ductwork into the warehouse. Working in conjunction with the evaporative cooling unit, which is bringing in 100% cool fresh air, is an extraction system usually via a series of extract fans installed along the apex of the building, removing hot stale air.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Indirect evaporative air conditioners work in a similar way to direct evaporative systems but use a hyper-efficient heat exchanger to cool outside air without adding moisture.

Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units or AHUs condition and distribute large volumes of air within a warehouse. Fresh outside air and returned air from the building are mixed before being filtered, then cooled or heated depending on the requirement.  The conditioned air is then distributed through ductwork around the warehouse.

Fabric Sock Systems

Fabric ducted systems provide an even distribution of conditioned air over a large space without draughts. The permeable material of the fabric allows cooling below dew point without condensation forming. Fabric ducting is designed bespoke for each application and can be selected in a variety of colours or even have printed logos, branding and images.

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