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Water/Glycol Chillers

Water/Glycol Chillers

“Keeping your business running through process cooling and temperature control”

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We supply Chillers to meet the needs of any cooling application, from the supply and commissioning of a process chiller to be connected by the client’s own maintenance team, through to a complete turnkey custom design that includes pipework, insulation, bespoke control panel, electrical wiring, water circuit design and commissioning. ICE Ltd can handle any chilled water project, whatever your requirements.

We can provide duty/standby chillers with auto changeover, the integration of chillers into existing circuits or the addition of free coolers or inverter driven pumps for energy savings

Our range of chillers

Not all chillers are the same, see the difference

Process Chillers

Not all chillers are the same. Process chillers are designed differently to HVAC chillers as they are required to be more reliable, working harder and longer to meet the needs of critical manufacturing processes. Process chillers may be more expensive than HVAC chillers but are the correct choice for manufacturing process cooling.

HVAC Chillers

HVAC chillers are typically connected to air handling units or terminal fan coil units to provide comfort cooling. HVAC chillers can provide effective cooling solutions for a wide range of application, such as offices, hotels, schools, factories, laboratories and production rooms.

Service and Maintenance of Chillers

Many businesses rely on chilled water to cool production machinery or remove heat from products. The failure of a Process Chiller usually means major disruption and ultimately a large cost to your business.

Within the Service Department at ICE Ltd, we have Service Engineers that specialise in the area of Glycol and Water Chillers. Having spent large parts of their careers commissioning, servicing, fault-finding and repairing both Process and HVAC Water Chillers, they ensure we stand out from our competitors when it comes to selecting a service provider to maintain your Water Chiller.

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