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Refrigeration Maintenance Contracts

Refrigeration Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance contract with ICE Ltd drastically reduces the risk of downtime and ensures complete compliance with the current F Gas Regulations

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Industrial Cooling Equipment Ltd offers competitive Refrigeration Maintenance Contracts on all types of refrigeration systems and process cooling equipment, ensuring optimum performance and complete compliance with current F Gas regulations.

Our pre-programmed maintenance schedules (PPM) are designed specifically for each different piece of refrigeration or process cooling equipment, ensuring any possible issues are highlighted and then rectified, with systems running at optimum performance.

Did you know?

It is now a legal requirement of companies to test for leaks on refrigeration or process cooling equipment

The number of leak checks is determined by the CO2 equivalent weight:

5 to 50 tonnes of CO2 – Needs to be leak checked every 12 months

50 to 500 tonnes of CO2 – Needs to be leak checked every 6 months 

Over 500 tonnes of CO2 – Needs to be leak checked every 3 months (and leak detection equipment needs to be installed)

All systems under a Refrigeration Maintenance Contract with ICE Ltd include our F Gas Compliance Package, which ensures total compliance with all F Gas regulations.


The ICE way

On the first maintenance visit each piece of equipment will receive an ICE asset tag, with a unique asset code. Our engineers then create a full equipment asset list for your site, detailing refrigerant type and quantity, and calculate the CO2 equivalent weight.

A maintenance check sheet is selected and completed based on the type of equipment being serviced, as we don’t use one generic check sheet for all equipment. A report is completed via software on the engineers’ mobile devices for each piece of equipment and given an overall traffic light rating based on condition.

Following the visit, you receive a digital pack containing a report for each asset detailing any work carried out, any work or repairs recommended, a leak check certificate and a full refrigerant asset list.


Benefits of a Refrigeration Maintenance Contract

By taking out a maintenance contract on your refrigeration equipment with ICE Ltd you will receive the following benefits

  • Full system check, including leak check
  • Complete compliance with the current F Gas Regulations
  • Digital Report including asset list, refrigerant log and leak check certificate
  • Priority on call outs
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days per year emergency call out
  • 4-hour responses to emergency call outs
  • Longevity of life of equipment
  • Reduced risk of product loss or halts in production