What is a TM44 inspection?



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A TM44 is the given and accepted guidance in the UK for monitoring the efficiency of any air conditioning units. The reason for the inspections is to assess the energy performance of buildings directive, also known as EPBD. Any owner or manager of a building can use the data from a TM44 inspection to decide about how efficient their current air conditioning system is.

TM44 inspection

Are TM44 inspections mandatory?

So are TM44 inspections mandatory? The simple and only answer is YES. It must be carried out and completed by an independent and accredited assessor who will issue you a certificate and report based on the findings.

It is your local trading standards authorities that monitor and enforce this regulation. You must keep the TM44 certificate onsite of the building to produce when you are required to do so. If you cannot produce a certificate when request this would result in a fine. The fine is then repeatable until you are able to produce a valid certificate. A fixed penalty notice of £300 per offence will occur if you own multiple buildings, then this could get expensive quick.

What is the criteria for TM44?

The criteria are based that a TM44 inspection is subjected to any system that operates on a scale of 12kW. This does also include a single large unit with an output of 12kW or this could also be smaller unit collectively together having a reach or exceeding the 12kW.

So if you own or are a manager of a building, then if your air conditioning units meet the above standards, then you are required to have a TM44 inspection. There are many reasons its beneficiary to have an inspection done, but it can also highlight if you need to improve your system, which may lower the current cost of your air conditioning system.

How often should a TM44 be carried out?

As the building owner or manager, you are required to have a TM44 inspection within the last 5 years from the previous inspection. Currently, and since the 6th of April 2012, all TM44 air conditioning inspection reports are required to be logged. These get logged on to the Ministry of Housing, communities & Local government Energy performance of buildings register.

This is where your report and certificate are generated for you to hold and present if you are ever required to do so.

TM44 inspection1

How will a TM44 Inspection help my business?

By having an assessment from an accredited air conditioning energy assessor will ensure that you are compliant within the law. A report isn’t there just for compliance, but it can also provide you with how to save money on your air conditioning. So within this in mind, a TM44 inspection serves multiple reason as to getting on. An excellent report will highlight areas that if changes were made to it, then the site could save up to 15% on their energy consumption without the need for further investment.

Ice LTD do many TM44 inspections every year and have the data to back up the savings that can be gained but having an in-depth report by one of Air conditioning specialists.

How much is a TM44 inspection?

The cost for a TM44 inspection depends on a few different factors and why the price can vary from building to building. Every site is different, this is down to system type, number of units and building size. All these different factors impact the cost.

Also, it’s worth taking note that TM44 inspections have two different levels to them. The level depends on the air conditioning units that you have on site. If your building has air handling units or centralized chillers, then you are required to undertake a level 4 assessment. The cost of a level 4 inspection is higher than that of a level 3.

The assessor will have to be longer on site regarding a level 4 inspection, as they need to inspect more equipment and the report will take longer to write up. If you are unsure what type of TM44 survey you need, please contact our team who will only be too happy to help you.


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