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Having an office air conditioning unit has many positives within and we are going to go through the why’s below. If you have an office with many people, electrical devices, such as computers or even servers, excessive heat can occur if the room temperature isn’t correctly controlled. Having air conditioning within the workplaces enables you to control the room so it can maintain the correct temperature of the room so comfortable working conditions for staff can be maintained and equipment within Server Rooms is not damaged.

Not only do Air conditioners control the temperature, but they can also control the humidity within the room. There is a 40 to 60 rule for indoor humidity to keep it at 40 and 60 percent. This is every room so there can be no “Dead Zones” in which there is insufficient environmental control or the correct ventilation. Water can condense inside of appliances and servers if that room contains too much humidity.

What are the benefits of air conditioning in the office?

There are many benefits to having a professional air conditioning unit installed in the workplace. We are going to run over the most beneficial benefits from having one installed.

Being Energy Efficient

As the technology is constantly developing within the air conditioning industry, within the different systems, such as large VRF systems to simple split systems. These are now becoming more energy efficient within being able to provide a constant and comfortable temperature. By being more energy efficient with minimising the overall energy use and will reduce the utility cost and reduce the businesses overall carbon footprint.

Being Comfortable

Being able to keep the room at a constant temperature means that the desired space can maintain the desired temperature. This will stop fluctuations of temperatures within the desired area, making it more comfortable for the staff to be in the area without getting gusts of warm and cold air. If you have a heat recovery VRF system, then it’s able to recover heat energy from warmer areas and reposition it to cooler areas and vice versa.

Reduces Overall Humidity

As the summer months approach, there is nothing worse than being stuck in an office that makes you feel so hot and sticky. This can have an adverse effect within the office, causing lower productivity and general unhappiness at being in the office space. By having an office air conditioning system, this will then remove the excess moisture that’s within the air to eliminate the stickiness.

Improves the air quality

The positives of having an office air conditioning system in a busy office can be a breeding ground for colds and coughs. The system contains filters that purify the air before putting it back into the room. This then reduces the bacteria and dust particles and other potential allergens. Staff members will benefit from the clean and filtered air. The possibilities to cut down on staff absences from work from colds and other sickness is another benefit.

No noise disturbance

The modern air con systems are extremely quiet, which means staff won’t get distracted from noisy machines within the workplace. You will not know that the system is responding to the environmental changes outside. The staff inside the office will still be kept at the constant temperature, creating a better working environment.

Protects equipment and business integrity

If you look at the average office space now, it’s packed with technology, which generates a lot of heat. The heat that is in the environment needs to be removed. A professionally designed air conditioning system will take the humidity and heat away.

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How cold is too cold for an office?

There is an approved code of practice on the workplace regulations, this suggests that minimum temperature for working indoors is 16°C and 13°C if more of the work involves physical effort. This is why office air conditioning is so important so employees have a nice comfortable working environment in which they can be productive.

How often should office air conditioning be serviced?

Every air conditioning unit really needs to be serviced at least once every year for infrequently used systems or clean environments and twice or more depending on use and environment.  It’s well known that every year that your air conditioning unit isn’t serviced, it can lose about 5% of its efficiency. That means the unit has to work harder every year it doesn’t get serviced.

Having an AC maintenance package will help you save money in the long run, by extending the lifetime of the unit and comply with the current F Gas Regulations. As it comes to the summer months when the unit is working to its full capacity, it is required to work to the highest efficiency it can. A clean, safe and efficient air conditioning system is important to the business and to the staff within the building.


If you own or run a business that is office-based, to get the most productivity from your staff is to ensure they are in temperature controlled environment. Recirculating our air that may contain bacteria and dust particles that could be harmful to members of staff. If you would like to look into having air conditioning installed within your office, then please contact us below. We recently installed an air conditioning system for a Pharmaceutical Distributor in York, take a look!

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