Cooling Systems to New Server Room

Installation of New Air Conditioning and Leak Detection System to Server Room


North Wales


January 2023

Value Range

£20k- £30K

Product Category

Air Conditioning Installation

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Our longstanding client, a healthcare manufacturer based in North Wales, required cooling to their new Server Room.


As part of expansion plans for the North Wales site, a new Server Room was being built with critical equipment within the room that required temperature control.

Scope of work

The work comprised of the supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of new air conditioning systems to serve the new Server Room.

 Heatloads on this project were provided by the clients I.T Department and ICE selected equipment to suit the requirements.

The client requested a ducted system to match the specification of their exiting Server Room, which ICE installed around 10 years ago and has performed well since.

The indoor fan coil units needed to be positioned so that they were not installed over the critical equipment and for ease of access for servicing, and to eliminate the risk of condensate leaking over the equipment.

How ICE helped

2no. High Static Ducted Fan Coil Units were installed within the ceiling void of the new Server Room, fixed, and supported from the building structure. The units are connected to insulated plenum boxes and diffuser grills within the false ceiling, to distribute the conditioned air.

Grill locations were strategically placed in hot and cold isles to force conditioned through the critical equipment.

Two 25kw air cooled, Daikin condensing units were installed, floor mounted at the side of the building. These units operate on the latest R32 refrigerant and are connected to the high static ducted indoor fan coil units.

Pipework and interconnecting wiring was ran at high level, supported on a designated pipe supporting system, fixed to the building structure.

The Condensate outlet from each unit was connected to newly installed gravity drains.

Control was via wall mounted Madoka controllers, installed on rear wall of the Server Room. The systems were set up via RTD10 control pcb’s installed on each system, to provide auto changeover on a weekly basis or in the event of a fault to one of the systems.

We installed drip trays installed under each unit, with a drain piped to outside the room. In addition, there was also a leak detection system installed to alarm in the event of water being detected in the drip trays.

Both the RTD10 pcb’s and the leak detection system were to be connected the sites BMS system.

This project was run by our Managing Director Nick Griffiths and was installed by our in house installation teams.


The project was completed on time within a tight programme of works.

Since commissioning, the room has performed well, and the systems have been added to the existing maintenance contract in place with ICE Ltd.

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