Maintenance Contract to Free Coolers

Water Treatment Manufacturer based in Cheshire




February 2023

Value Range

Under £2,000

Product Category

Maintenance Contract

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Our client, a large water treatment and chemical manufacturer based in Cheshire, required a maintenance contract and reactive support to their process cooling equipment.

Due to lack of maintenance, one of the Free Coolers had burst in numerous places in the recent cold weather, which left the client facing a large bill to replace the system with new.

Scope of work

A Free Cooler or a Dry Coolers which they are also known as, are heat exchangers used to reject heat from a process. A water/glycol mix is pumped around the tubed, finned heat exchanger and by using fans to drag ambient air across the fins, a reduction in temperature is achieved. This process is often referred to as Free Cooling, as no refrigeration based system is used to cool the water.

Our scope of works was to provide maintenance visits at regular intervals to keep the critical process cooling equipment running efficiently and provide call out support in the event of failure. A critical part of free cooler maintenance is to check glycols levels within the systems to ensure frost protection in cold ambient.

How ICE helped

A site survey was undertaken to assess the equipment and a quotation for a 3 Tier maintenance plan was prepared and sent to the client. The clients opted for our Standard Plan as this suited their requirements and budget.

Following onboarding and setting up of the contract, the first visit was arranged in February 2023.

The first visit was undertaken by our Service Supervisor Sam Griffiths and apprentice Joseph Farrell, whose first job was to create a full asset list for the client. Each system was then asset tagged with a unique number and labelled.

Free Cooler Maintenance checks such as testing of pumps, fans and controls were carried out by the engineers on each system, along with recording of temperatures and pressures of the flow and return water.

A detailed report undertaken onsite via the engineers tablets on our digital management system. Each heat exchanger was thoroughly cleaned using appropriate fluids from advanced-engineering and a portable jet wash.


All systems were left running efficiently and recommendations were made for one of the systems for increasing glycol mix to the required protection levels.

Within days of the visit, the client received their digital pack containing a report for each system, and asset list for the site along with a detailed quotation for works that have been recommended.

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