Air Conditioning to 3x Server Rooms

Installation of New Air Conditioning Systems to Three Server Rooms at a New Distribution Facility




April 2023

Value Range

£15k- £25K

Product Category

Air Conditioning Installation

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Our longstanding pharmaceutical client required cooling to three server rooms at their new state of the art distribution facility in Wakefield.


Three Server Rooms housing critical I.T equipment were being built within the new facility, all required temperature control.

Scope of work

The work comprised of the supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of new air conditioning systems, to serve all three server rooms.

All server rooms were to be provided with Duty and standby air conditioning units to provide 100% redundancy within each area.

Heat outputs for the I.T equipment were provided within the tender specification and ICE selected suitable equipment based on our own heatload calculations.

The specification stated that wall mounted systems were the client’s preference.

How ICE helped

In each of the three server rooms, we installed 2off wall mounted, split type systems, manufactured by market leaders Daikin.

Each indoor unit was matched to an inverter driven, outdoor condensing unit.

In a Server Room A/C application, it is standard practice to have a standby system capable of 100% of the load. The standby unit will automatically operate in the event of a fault with one of the duty units. It is also usual to rotate the operation of the duty and standby units to ensure equal use of all units.

For all three rooms we selected controllers with the function to provide automatic duty rotation and standby operation in the event of faults.

The equipment selected on this project operates on the latest R32 refrigerant and was manufactured by Daikin.

With a low GWP of 675, R32 refrigerant is F Gas Phase Down compliant reducing environmental impact by 68% compared to R410A, leading directly to lower energy consumption thanks to high efficiency and reduced refrigerant volume.

The Condensate outlet from each unit was connected to newly installed gravity drains thus removing the need for condensate pumps.

This Server Room Air Conditioner Installation Project was run by our Head of Projects Lee Hopkins and was installed by our in house air conditioning installation teams.


The project was completed on time to a high standard. This project has now been handed over to the client with a full training and handover demonstration.

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