MHRA Chillstore for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Supplier

Design, supply & installation of Walk In Pharmaceutical Chillstore with an operating range of 2°C to 8°C




November 2022

Value Range

£15k- £25K

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Our client provides medicines management solutions to the UK independent healthcare sector, including supply of product and on-site clinical pharmacy support. Their wholesale facility and automated dispensary are situated at Chester from where they distribute supplies nationwide.

The site had previously used a series of smaller refrigerators to hold stock but had outgrown this solution. As part of their expansion plans a new larger chillstore was required to hold pharmaceutical stock within the MHRA guidelines of 2°C to 8°C. As experts in this field ICE were the ideal contractor for this project.

Scope of work

Our scope of works was to design and build a new walk-in insulated chillstore and refrigeration system, to maintain conditions within the specified limits of 2°C to 8°C.

To accommodate the new chillstore some existing air conditioning systems required relocating to suit the new layout.

The chillstore build, consisting of insulated walls, doors and ceilings was to be installed on the first floor of the building. Due to the location not being at ground level an insulated floor was required.

PIR operated LED lighting and emergency lighting was to be provided within the new chillstore, along with electrical mains to the refrigeration system.

Once in operation the chillstore was to be temperature mapped, so careful consideration was required with regards to selection and positioning of equipment.







How ICE helped

A site survey was carried out by our Managing Director Nick Griffiths. A project brief was taken on the client’s requirements and details recorded regarding the estimated product loadings.

Detailed heatload calculations were undertaken and the refrigeration equipment was selected based the results.

The new MHRA Chillstore was built approx. 4.0m long x 3.0m wide, with a height of 2.50m, including all insulated walls, doors and ceiling, together with all flashings, fixings and sealants etc

A Foam injected, reinforced, modular floor was installed, with exterior grade plywood, complete with a slip resistant Altro fininsh.

Access to the coldstore was via a hinged slam faced door with a clear opening of 800mm wide x 1900mm high. The door was equipped with quality locking fastener and internal panic release.

The door was fitted with a door alarm which would trigger after 30 seconds of the door being left open.

To serve the chillstore, we installed a direct expansion refrigeration system operating on R449A refrigerant.


The evaporator cooler was of copper tube/aluminium fin construction and manufactured by Kelvion. The cooler was completed with electric defrost.

The condensing unit installed was from the Danfoss Optyma Plus range, containing a Danfoss scroll compressor, integral condenser, fans, filter drier, sight glass and automatic safety controls. In the event of a fault condition, the controller on the units would display specific fault codes to identify the issue precisely, as well as sending a fault signal to the internal control panel.

All refrigeration pipe work was supported using standard hydrozorb channel clamps and all suction lines insulated using fire retardant Armaflex.

Energy efficient LED lighting, emergency lighting and mains supplies were installed by our electrical contractors E and A Electrical Ltd.

This project was designed and run by Head of Operations & Projects Lee Hopkins and installed by our in-house installation team lead by our onsite supervisor Daniel Bush.

Completion was in November 2022 and the project was handed over with as built drawings, commissioning reports and O&M manuals.



Since commissioning, MHRA Chillstore has performed well and have stayed within the specified temperature limits of between 2°C and 8°C. The equipment has since been put on a 3 Tier Maintenance Plan and the client is enjoying peace of mind and complete compliance with the current F Gas Regulations.

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