Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, North Wales

Replacement of Refrigeration Systems to Walk In Pharmaceutical Freezer


North Wales


January 2021

Value Range

£75k - £125k

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A pharmaceutical manufacturer required replacement of the systems serving an existing freezer. Although reliable and working well, the systems were over 20 years old and had a dated control system, with some parts that were obsolete.

The freezer was temperature mapped using a Eurotherm chart recorder, if any sensor in the space was to deviate above -20°C, it must recover within 1 hr. If any sensor in the space was to deviate above -13°C, then all products would be destroyed.

Scope of work

In the existing freezer the refrigeration systems were to be replaced with new, with an up to date, more efficient refrigerant to be used with a lower GWP than R404A.

The insulated enclosure was to be cleaned and resealed and new LED lighting was to be installed with a level of above 300 lux. 

The new systems were to provide a temperature-controlled environment of below -20°C which was to be maintained 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

How ICE helped

The insulated enclosure to the existing freezer was in good condition so the room was cleaned and resealed.

To serve the freezer, we selected six independent, direct expansion refrigeration systems, utilising fully housed condensing units and ceiling mounted evaporator coolers.

Each installed system was capable of 6.75kw of refrigeration duty, providing a total duty of 40.50kw under the conditions specified.

The six systems ran together continuously, with any five capable of maintaining the desired room temperature in the event of a failure to one of the systems or whilst another is defrosting. This provided a fully flexible run and standby operation for the freezer.

The condensing units were Danfoss Optyma Plus packaged units, that each contained a Danfoss scroll compressor, integral condenser, fans, filter drier, sight glass and automatic safety controls. In the event of a fault condition, the controller on the units displays specific fault codes to identify issues precisely, as well as sending a fault signal to the internal control panel.

Condensing units were positioned in the external designated plant area in place of the outgoing condensing units.

The evaporator coolers were Dual Discharge type of copper tube/aluminium fin construction and are manufactured by Searle. Defrosting of the evaporators and drip trays was via electrical defrost heaters installed within the coolers.

To prevent ice build up in the existing freezer, we installed an Icedry Dehumidifier, to supply dehumidified air over the inside of the coldroom door. This is to reduce frost and ice build up inside the freezer upon door openings.

This project was designed by our Managing Director Nick Griffiths and installed by our in-house installation team lead by our onsite supervisor Daniel Bush.


The room passed stringent pharmaceutical validation tests without any issues and the lighting specified lux levels.

Since commissioning the freezer has stayed within the specified temperature limits and has seen a massive improvement in the build up of ice on the ceilings and evopators.

The systems have been added the clients maintenance agreement with ICE Ltd and a 4 hours response to emergency breakdowns is provided.

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