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Replacement of DX Air Conditioning with Evaporative Cooling

See how we saved our client over £9,000 a year in energy costs




October 2023

Value Range

£30k- £40K

Product Category

Evaporative Cooling

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See how we saved our client, a food manufacturer that specialises in cooking sauces, over £9,000 a year in energy costs by replacing a traditional DX cooling system with evaporative cooling.


The DX air conditioning system serving the Production Area was not performing and was running flat out trying to maintain conditions. The energy costs were very high and area was extremely hot and uncomfortable for the staff.

Scope of work

The project comprised of the replacement of an undersized, ducted DX system operating on R410A, with an energy efficient and suitably sized system that could cope with the extremely high heatloads from the production machinery.

There was a requirement to integrate fresh air into the area to provide staff with the required air changes for the room.

The client requested that the works within the factory building were to be undertaken out of hours so not to disturb production.

Due to a fragile roof no works were to be undertaken on the roof.

How ICE helped

The Production Facility was built using insulated PIR panels, which kept the heat from the machines within the area. ICE assessed the current system which had been installed by a competitor around 6 years earlier and found it to be vastly undersized for high heatloads within the room.

Our proposal was to install an evaporative cooling system, that provides 100% fresh air at up to 80% of the running cost than traditional refrigeration based systems.

We supplied and installed two Breezeair evaporative coolers at the side of the building on floor mounted frames, approximately 3m from floor level. We ran supply ductwork across warehouse, before penetrating the PIR panel roof of Production Room. To provide equal distribution of air around the Production Room, we connecting to two new fabric sock air systems.

The air from outside is drawn into the space via the fans inside the Breezeair units and conditioned via moistened pads that cools the air via evaporation.


To remove hot air and provide air changes we installed three inline extract fans, incorporating fan speed control to give a total extraction rate of 18,000 m3/hr.

The extract ductwork ran across the warehouse and terminated at louvred grilles installed at high level in the external wall.

Control of the room is via a touch screen controller and sensors installed locally within Production Room

This project was run by our Head of Projects Lee Hopkins and our Project Manager Daniel Bush and was planned to fit in around the client’s busy production schedule.


The system is now performing well and maintaining comfortable conditions for the staff to works in.

Based on an electrical energy cost of £0.27 per kWh, the energy savings compared to the previous DX system is over £9,000 per year. That’s over a 60% saving and a pay back on the initial capital costs in just over 3 years.

The sites Maintenance Manager left the following review for our company: –  “Fantastic! Lee, Nick, Danny, all very professional and did a great job. They fitted a pair of Breeze air units, and internal, ceiling mounted socks. The production staff are now very happy

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