Why You Should Maintain Your Air Conditioner



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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner is a necessity for achieving peak energy efficiency and extending its lifespan. Neglecting crucial maintenance tasks can lead to a decline in cooling performance while causing a steady increase in energy consumption. In this blog, we will explore the best practices for maintaining your air conditioner. We will look at the steps you need to take to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently. By following these tips, you can save on electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

Regular Filter Maintenance

Regularly replacing or cleaning of air conditioner filters is crucial for maintaining an energy-efficient warehouse cooling system. Clogged and dirty filters obstruct airflow, reducing the system’s efficiency. By replacing or cleaning filters every quarter or six months, you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. It’s a simple step with a big impact on your cooling system’s overall efficiency.

Clean Coils for Better Performance

Over time, the evaporator and condenser coils in an air conditioner can accumulate dirt and bacteria. This affects airflow and reduces their heat-absorbing capacity. To maintain energy efficiency, it’s essential to check and clean the coils annually using appropriate cleaning fluids. Keeping the area around the outdoor condenser unit clean and free from debris also promotes adequate airflow and better cooling performance.

Straighten Coil Fins

Bent aluminium fins on the condenser coils and evaporator can block airflow, reducing cooling efficiency. Using a “fin comb” tool can help straighten these fins back to their original condition, ensuring optimal airflow and energy efficiency. These tools are available from most air conditioning wholesalers.

Check Condensate Drains

Clogged condensate drains can cause the units to leak water and can also hinder the unit’s ability to reduce humidity. This could lead to excess moisture issues. By regularly cleaning drain channels, you can prevent this and maintain the cooling system’s efficiency.

Compliance and Leak Checking

A comprehensive set of checks on each system should be carried out during routine maintenance visits. This is to ensure optimal performance and to extend the AC’s lifespan. These checks cover compressors, fan, control, temperatures, pressure, and electronic leak detection. After the inspection, each system is evaluated based on its condition. This provides clients with insights to plan and allocate budgets for systems approaching the end of their operational life.

All systems covered under an air conditioning maintenance contract with ICE Ltd include our F Gas Compliance Package. This ensures adherence to all F Gas regulations. During the initial maintenance visit, our engineers affix an ICE asset tag to each piece of equipment, providing a unique asset code. A detailed equipment asset list for your site is then created. This specifies refrigerant type, quantity, and calculating the CO2 equivalent weight.

Following the maintenance visit, you will receive a digital pack comprising individual reports for each asset. These reports outline the maintenance work carried out, any recommended repairs or additional work, a leak certificate, and a comprehensive refrigerant asset list.


Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Seek Professional Maintenance

Hiring a professional service technician is essential for comprehensive AC maintenance. A trained technician can inspect all aspects of your cooling system. This ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Regular air conditioner maintenance is key to keeping your cooling system running at its best. By following these maintenance tips, you can achieve significant energy savings, extend your unit’s lifespan, and reduce your environmental impact. From simple filter replacements to professional inspections, investing in AC maintenance is a proactive approach that benefits both your comfort and the planet. So, make maintain your air conditioner a top priority and enjoy a well-functioning, energy-efficient cooling system for many years to come!

Take a look at one of our recent case studies where we installed a new air conditioning and leak detection system to a server room for a health care manufacturer.

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